About Me

Who are you?

Hello and welcome! Born and raised in the coastal city of Karachi, I moved to the United States for school when I was sixteen. Ever since, life has been an unending adventure and I have moved many homes. Currently, I live in Amsterdam. When I am not working at my day job or blog, I can be found enjoying Pinot Noir by a canal or tucked away in bed with a good book.

Why did you start this blog?

I had been blogging under a different name about easy recipes, workwear, and self love for about a year a half. The old name didn’t accommodate my growing interest in mindful living, so I decided to give my blog a new name: Conscious By Komal.

I first discovered the idea of living mindfully through YouTube and Instagram. Being raised by financially modest parents, I was immediately drawn to minimalism. However, my spirits were dampened while browsing through perfectly curated zero waste and ethical fashion feeds. They made conscious living seem like a privilege afforded only to those with money and time.

But that couldn’t be true because poor and rich alike have lived a life without excess since the beginning of time. It is the labels and marketing in today’s world that make living mindfully seem expensive and time consuming. Contrary to popular belief though, there are no one size fits all labels. So, I have redefined conscious living to fit the lifestyle of a married, expat woman with a full-time career in finance.

At Conscious By Komal, my aim is to keep my consumption of fashion/beauty articles in check and reduce my ecological footprint as much as possible with the lifestyle I have. I am not committing to going zero waste or consuming 100% ethical, but I am committing to trying my best to be conscious about my waste and consumption.

I would love to have you join on my journey.


How can I reach you?

If you would like to reach out with questions, feedback, or business inquiries, send me an email at consciousbykomal@gmail.com. Alternatively, you could follow along or message me your queries on my Instagram.

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