A Work Week In Outfits

Happy Friday, everyone! I am so happy to reach the finish line for work this week. While it has not been particularly busy, I have worked on some intense deliverables that were outside my technical comfort zone, which is rewarding intellectually and professionally but otherwise tiring. I also went overboard with my run yesterday, which had me so sore that this morning it was a task to get out of bed and be on my way to work. All is well that ends well though, right? The deliverables got good feedback and the run helped me feel more calm, and now I am wrapping up this post before kicking off the weekend.

Previously, I have posted two weekly work outfit round-ups on my IGTV (during the summer), which were well-received. So, I decided to do a weekly outfit round-up winter edition. However, in the wintertime, outfits cannot be shot on the same day I wear them as it is dark when I leave home for work and dark again when I return. So I put on all my outfits of the week last Sunday and shot them in one go—both in pictures and an IGTV video.

I am always hesitant to share outfit roundups because half the pieces I wear are no longer available for you to buy. So what I have done to solve that problem is link similar items if I found any and link the ones still available. I understand it is not the most convenient option, but it is the best I can do. I love sharing a reflection of my real life as a full-time working woman. Buying new clothes for every outfit round-up would not be a true reflection of my life; in fact, it would be wasteful and against my commitment to live minimally and sustainably. So I hope this explanation helps you  understand where I am coming from. 🙂

Let’s get on to the outfits.


Processed with VSCO with fs16 preset

Blouse (here and here), skirt, boots

I long lusted after a wool skirt in a camel color. Finally I was able to find one off Vinted a few months back. The story of this pre-loved skirt is in this post, if you are interested. In short, I love to make it the star of my work outfits. For Monday, I paired it with a very old Karen Millen pussy bow blouse. Combined with black leather boots, I think this outfit makes me ready for business.


Processed with VSCO with fs16 preset

Pants (exact ones, similar), blouse, turtleneck, pumps (exact ones)

This Massimo Dutti olive top is one of the most unique yet versatile pieces in my wardrobe. I tried hard to find a similar piece for you to re-create this outfit but failed. In the wintertime, I pair a black turtleneck underneath this olive top, alongwith the usual suspects, and it creates such a warm and simple outfit that I don’t get tired of wearing. I do wish the top didn’t hit at the widest point of my hip, as that accentuates my pear-shaped more and throws off overall outfit proportions. I do love the outfit a lot though so the top stays in my wardrobe for now.


Processed with VSCO with fs16 preset

Boots (exact ones), blazer 

I am on the verge of donating this years old dress. On one hand, it is an easy throw on any time and look polished dress. On the other, I do not like the color combination as much and it’s beginning to feel slightly figure-hugging lately. I will re-consider its place in my wardrobe in a few months.

This week I have paired the dress with a cropped, tweed blazer from Mango. I’ve had it for over a year and found a great alternative for anyone looking to get a similar one. I find cropped blazers to be most flattering on pear-shaped bodies, so they are a running theme in my wardrobe.


Processed with VSCO with fs16 preset

Boots (exact ones), dress (also windowpane check, but grey in color)

I love small check, but I love windowpane check even more. I have two dresses to evidence my love. This one I got from Phase Eight and have now worn for three years. For Thursdays’s look, I combined it with these sock booties I also wore on Wednesday. They are suede and a block heel, so quite comfortable but then again, not comfortable enough. I am such a wuss with heels, so it may be just me.


Processed with VSCO with fs16 preset

Cardigan, top (exact, similar), pumps (exact ones), pants (exact ones, similar)

I love keeping it casual on Fridays when I can. This week I could. So I went for this wool wrap over a white tee and black trousers I also wore on Tuesday. I tend to reach for these pants when I wear longer, looser tops because the ponte knit of the pants fits very close tot the body. And the wrap is super warm and cheerful–thanks to the pop of yellow!

If you enjoyed this weekly work outfits round-up then do let me know on this post or on the IGTV video. I would be happy to do one more winter one before we head into spring! And have a lovely weekend!

One thought on “A Work Week In Outfits

  1. Love a good outfit round-up and love seeing your outfits, so please keep them coming! Also, I love how you’ve reached a level of corporate style perfection that screams chic, modern & crisp! Hats off!


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