My 2020 Wishlist

A very happy new year to all readers of my blog! I hope 2020 is a fantastic year for you.

If you have followed me on Instagram, you know I am a big fan of wishlists. They guide my purchases pretty much all the time, and I would not have it any other way. Why? Because wishlists enable me to be mindful and financially sound. I still go for impulse purchases here and there, but overall let my wishlists guide big ticket items like my classic Burberry Trench in 2018 and Coach tote, among others, in 2019.

I have carefully selected five pieces that I would like to invest in 2020. Two of these were also on my wishlist last year, but I could not find a perfect fit in terms of quality and price. That’s always a struggle, but the wait for a perfect piece is totally worth it in my opinion. Without further ado, let me share my 2020 wishlist with you.

Winter White Wool Coat
Reiss coat

Even though it was only in 2019 that I started looking to add a white coat to my wardrobe, I have always lusted after winter white looks. My idea to add color to a dreary winter day outfit is with a creamy white blouse or jacket. It instantly brightens the mood and is easier to style right compared to actual colors—for me, anyway.

My ideal white coat would be predominantly wool, knee-length, and in a classic cut with some form of definition at the waist. So far, I have not had much luck with the coats I have tried. Either the cuts are not flattering for my body type, or the material composition has a large quantity of synthetics, or the price point is beyond my budget.

Recently, I have found this Reiss coat, which I might try in stores in the coming days. It is slightly outside my budget range and also contains as much polyester as wool in the composition. Makes me sad when retailers do that! Why wouldn’t I get this Zara coat for less than half the price with the same composition? Anyway, I will keep you updated you on my search on Instagram!

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer

I have had my current Babyliss hairdryer for four years and it is most definitely on its last breath. It is the first hair dryer I ever bought and one that I used to learn styling my hair for work. Becuase of the sentimental value attached to my current hair dryer (yes, I see you rolling your eyes), the replacement will have big shoes to fill.

I had been debating between the GHD Air and Dyson Supersonic for months, but after watching a gazillion YouTube comparison videos and reading a bunch of individual reviews online, I am pretty much decided on getting the Dyson sometime this year. It has a steep price tag, but I have failed at finding the combination it offers elsewhere. A powerful motor in a lightweight body, and temperature-regulated, faster drying without excessive heat damage are the selling points for someone with a lot of hair—and that too long!

Neutral Tote

I have always used medium-sized handbags for daily use, however switching to consulting this year, I have converted to tote bags. In industry, I always had the luxury of a personal locker where I kept my mug, water bottle, cutlery, snacks and of course a ton of paperwork. As a consultant, I do not have that luxury at my client offices, So, I tend to carry quite a bit on me in addition to work laptop and papers.

I bought myself a black tote from Coach in August last year. It has been used every single day since. I have been toying with the idea of getting another tote—this time in a neutral, lighter color—may be tan, beige, or camel? A neutral tote would be particularly fantastic in the warmer months. And since summer office dress codes are generally lax in the Netherlands, I could get away with a bag with a bit more character too.

I have long lusted after the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM in the Damier Azur print. I know every other person has either the real or a fake one of these, but I still love the look of it. Another option is this YSL tote. I fell in love with its minimal, under-stated aesthetic. I have also been eyeing the Tory Burch Perry tote that has been thoroughly loved by one of my favorite workwear bloggers WhatVeeWore so I might consider that as an option, especially if it comes to money in the end because both the Louis Vuitton and YSL come with designer price tags.

Apple Watch
Screen Shot 2020-01-18 at 5.44.58 PM

I am a bit of a self-proclaimed Apple aficionado, so it is a surprise that I do not have an Apple watch already. That is about to change. Unlike other items on my wishlist, I am treating this one as a reward for prioritizing self-care, particularly physical activity. I have not set myself any hard goals; as long as I move my body consistently in some way—a run, dance class, walk in the neighbourhood–I will reward myself with an Apple Watch during the year.

I have not yet decided whether I will go for an Apple Series 5 or 3 watch. The fall detection and ECG monitor in the series 5 make it more appealing, but it is of course more expensive too. Series 3 is considerably less expensive and with several of the essential features—plus, it comes in a size 38mm unlike its successor. As someone with small wrists that would be a definite benefit.

At the moment, I use a Fitbit Charge II to track my physical activity and sleep cycles as well as use silent alarms to wake up in the morning. The vibration on the wrist is a much nicer, slower way to start my day than a blaring alarm from my phone, which I prefer to leave outside the bedroom anyway. The AppleWatch series 5 and 3 have all of these features besides the sleep monitoring and analysis.

Nude Pumps

As a brown woman, I have struggled to find the perfect nude patent pumps for so long—four years to be precise. Either nude pumps are too light or too dark. When I do find the perfect shade for my skintone, the pumps are either not comfortable or durable. So the search continues.

I could settle for any nude pair because there are so many on the market, but I am hell bent on getting the perfect ones because, in my view, nude pumps—just like their black counterparts—lay the foundation of a great workwear wardrobe. And who am I to mess with my style foundation, right?

So that was all on my wishlist, ladies. What is on your wishlist for 2020?

5 thoughts on “My 2020 Wishlist

  1. Great list! I think the Ally shoes might be the perfect nude as they come in 5 different shade of nude. You’ll just have to make sure you find them as comfortable as they claim! Sarah Flint is not as helpful in the nude department but would be great for another neutral (such as navy) or a pop of color. Let’s try the YSL, Tory Burch, and LV totes when you visit. There’s no reason we can’t find whichever one you like best on the pre-loved market! I am with you on the white coat!


  2. Having a wishlist is such a co idea komal…think it will work esp for somebody like me who is quite impulsive !!loved reading ur post


  3. I love that you’ve shared your wishlist on the blog. You might have just inspired me to do the same 🙂

    I also like that you posted the designer bag dilemma. I have one my list as well but I am feeling it’s early to take the plunge so I am curious to follow along in 2020 and see what you end up getting!

    Also, for the Apple Watch, I would recommend that you go for series 5 instead of 3 due to the better and sleeker design that should stick around for a few more years as well as the improved display. I think you can treat it more like an investment since you will certainly be wearing it for a few years.


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