What I Wore Today | Fabric is integral to an Outfit

Fabrics are a game changer when you live somewhere drastically hot or cold. I’d know because I grew up in Karachi’s hot and humid summers and spent my teen and adult years in the United States warding off temperatures as cold as 40 degrees below zero (Minnesota, Massachusetts, New York).

I always knew wool was warm, but it took me sometime to incorporate wool in my professional wardrobe. That’s because I didn’t realize wool existed beyond slouchy, scratchy sweaters. But, it does, my friends. This outfit is evidence.

The Hugo Boss peplum top I’m wearing is pure merino wool. It’s not slouchy or scratchy; in fact, it’s got amazing structure and omph. It’s also super warm and made for a great wear in Amsterdam’s zero degree weather today. I must add a note about its durability too. I’ve worn it now for two winters and it still looks new.

The Banana Republic skirt is also pure wool. It’s soft, warm, and breathable. I wish it fit better on my waist (too loose!), but for now I’m making it work. I throw it in the washer yet the color and stitching are intact after two years of frequent use.

Both of these pieces aren’t sold anymore, but considering they are classics, I’m sure you could find alternatives pretty easily. My intention with this post is to encourage you to break any style limitations you’ve unknowingly placed on yourself. I don’t know how, but I always assumed “professional fabrics” are either cotton, crepe, or polyester.

Thankfully, now I know better! If you’d like to know more about using fabrics to stay chic in atrocious winters, watch this video by personal stylist and YouTuber, Daria Andronescu. She’s one of my favorite people to watch when it comes to seeking style inspiration that works for my life as a working woman.

And if you’ve not already, check out my winter workwear capsule. It contains pieces featured in this post, as well as many others.

I finished reading Becoming by Michelle Obama last night. It was a profound read. I think I’m going to write all the feelings and thoughts that came with reading Becoming in a post. If you’re considering picking up a copy, I’d definitely recommend it.

And it’s thirty past ten already. I’ve already sorted my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow, but I need to layout my outfit and look over my day’s agenda before heading to bed. So, I shall do that now. Wishing you all a great week ahead!





7 thoughts on “What I Wore Today | Fabric is integral to an Outfit

    1. Hi Mehwish! Good to see you on my blog. πŸ™‚ I’m very well–enjoying the time off Instagram. Hope you’re doing well also! Thank you for dropping by!


  1. This is such a pretty outfit and it suits you so well, I really like it! Also, thank you for the Youtube recommendation, I am always on the look for useful blogs/Youtube channels/… and an extra one to check out is never harming so please feel free to keep sharing them 😊

    Hope you are having great week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Anytime! Daria is pretty good–pretty sure you’ll like her. I’ll keep in mind to share more recommendations in the future.
      My week has been a whirlwind with preparations towards our upcoming US trip! We leave on Saturday so fingers crossed everything goes well. Wishing you a great weekend ahead! πŸ™‚


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