Komal Goes Minimal: Why? + Cream Dress x 3

I have never had a large wardrobe in my life. Part of that has to do with my upbringing. My parents are financially modest people, who have worked hard to earn what they have. Consequently, very early in my childhood they instilled in me the value of saving and giving.

In my early teens when I received my first paycheck, PKR 6000 for writing a Phnom Penh travel guide for chutti.pk, I donated PKR 600 to charity [on my father’s suggestion] and opened a savings account to deposit the rest. Clearly, I did not have much on my wish list then, but that has changed thanks to the rise of social media.

Recently, I find myself making a wish list of what I should add to my wardrobe in light of current trends every month. Everyone around me talks about what is trending on Instagram and YouTube. We Whatsapp each other photos of influencers donning the most beautiful clothes, bags, and shoes while rummaging through our wallets to spend on our next fashion “investment.”

Fast fashion brands have created an urgency about buying because most stock is replaced every two weeks. And since prices are more affordable, we turn a blind eye to the environmental and ethical implications of our fashion choices. They seem harmless–in fact, more often than not retail “therapy” equals #treatyourself, right?

In between staying on trend and finding the next style investment, I lost the joy that came with buying something new. Shopping was no longer special. I also started becoming more aware of the implications of fast fashion. Lastly, the clutter in my wardrobe became a hassle and shame. So in June this year, I imposed a spending ban to put myself in the right headspace.

Three months later, I have not become a hardcore minimalist who only buys sustainable fashion, but I have definitely found the will to become a more conscious consumer. I have also realized how much money I can save by bringing impulsive shopping in check.

As a result of this spending ban experiment and the choice to become a conscious consumer, I am starting a series called #KomalGoesMinimal on my blog. In this series, I want to share how you can use one piece of clothing in at least three stylish outfits.

To kick off this series, I decided to style a basic cream dress for three occasions: work day, weekend brunch, and casual Friday.



For the office, a plain cream dress goes well with a dark-colored blazer to add some contrast. Because the neck of my dress dipped low, I wore a camisole underneath [not pictured]. I also added silver accessories–a mesh strap Daniel Wellington watch and hoop earrings–to give this outfit some character.

Options to recreate this look: dress + blazer + watch + hoop earrings



For a lazy Sunday brunch, I paired the white dress with a bright scarf, which has beautiful Delft art on it, a pair of strappy pumps, and a wicker bag. To me, this look screams summer Sundays.

Options to recreate this look: Dress + scarf + pumps + wicker bag

Casual Friday


For a casual Friday at the office, I wore my cream dress with camel heels, black leather crossbody, and a striped tee shirt underneath the dress. Wearing stripes underneath the dress makes the outfit sort of playful, but the camel heels balance that out and make the outfit appropriate for a casual Friday at my office.

Options to recreate this look: Dress + heels + striped tee + leather crossbody

Hope you all enjoyed the first installment in my minimal style series. I would love to know your feedback and answer any questions. Have a wonderful weekend, lovelies. x

2 thoughts on “Komal Goes Minimal: Why? + Cream Dress x 3

  1. I loved all three styles but personally drawn to your casual friday look most. I’ve imposed a similar shopping ban on myself and am so proud to report that I havent purchased any ‘fast’ fashion item probably the entire year. Simply because years of hoarding clothes (earlier) gave me enough stock to last a few years!

    I’d love to see more installments of this series, keep up the great content Komal! So glad I found you 🙌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Welcome to my blog, Amna! 🙂 The Friday look is my favorite too!

      Wow that is goals! Super proud of you. ❤ Thank you! I will keep bringing more installments. Glad I found you as well. 🙂


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