Fit & Flare

I am all about a great form-fitted dress, but something has to be said about the comfort fit and flare dresses offer. I have had one from Banana Republic in a beautiful navy color for over a year. I have reached for that dress more often than I thought I would. It is one of the easiest pieces to style–no fuss about wearing selective underpants or tucking in tummy after lunch as is with form-fitted dresses.


So, when I first spotted this beautiful fit and flare dress in a thick knit (and under €100!) at a Monsoon store in London last December, I was at least sold on its wearability. My reluctance was regarding the brand and fabric quality because I had not known about Monsoon until the second I spontaneously walked into the store to pass time while my friend picked up a gift for some baby shower she had to attend.


When I entered the fitting room, I wanted to love this dress so badly. And that is exactly what happened. The material of the dress is unbelievably soft, yet thick enough to keep you warm in London/Amsterdam winters. I especially loved the blue jacquard detailing–it adds character to the dress without making it over the top for office environments. If you happen to work in a business formal setting, you could pair the dress with a black blazer. If not, you could get away with a flattering pair of tights and heels of your choice like I did!


That is all for today! Hope everyone reading is having a great weekend so far. 🙂


Monsoon Joanna Jacquard Fit & Flare Dress

Dune London Courtnee Cross Strap Kitten Heels (also available here)

Michael Kors Black Clutch (no longer sold, but I tracked down a Poshmark listing here)

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