Best Banana Bread

While most people around me are crazy about dessert, I have never had much of a sweet tooth. Growing up in Pakistan, our refrigerator was always filled with traditional sweets that family and friends brought in honor of good news in their lives. And I remember cringing at the abundance of oil and sugar dripping in those traditional sweets, popularly called mithais.

Even after moving abroad, I could not really develop a liking for the eggnog shakes, decadent cakes, and the likes. But then I found banana bread, and fell in love with its subtle sweetness, nutty taste, and moist texture. When I took it upon myself to try different banana bread recipes, I was disappointed several times before finally nailing it.

Something or another remained missing in my first few attempts at making banana bread. That is when I found this recipe on At my first glance at the recipe, I knew I had to add walnuts and reduce the quantity of sugar. And these are the only adjustments I made.

Crush and fold walnuts into the batter once all ingredients are combined and ready to be transferred to the loaf pan. You can swap walnuts with chocolate chips or dried cranberries, if you please. And, instead of using a cup of sugar, use 3/4 cup.

The banana bread made with this recipe had the perfect balance of sweet, moist, and nutty. I refrigerated it for up to a week in a cling wrap (prevents the bread from drying out) and used a slice with tea as an afternoon snack. If you are always on the go, this bread could also be a fantastic make ahead breakfast that can even be enjoyed during your commute.

I hope you will give this recipe a try, and as always, let me know if you have any questions!


EDIT: 17-Sep-2017

Use 1/3rd cup sugar and in addition to walnuts, add about 80 grams dark chocolate to the batter at the end. This gives the bread a nice rich chocolatey flavor!

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